Get Wonderful Discount With Car Parts

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How do we do it?

We have been a member of one of Canada’s largest buying groups – Auto Sense Auto Parts. We actually pay less for the parts than larger local competitors because of our huge national volume. In addition, our low overhead means savings for our customers. Our “lowest price guarantee” is no gimmick. Just inform us and we will beat it. if you find Car Parts lower price anywhere else the exact same quality.


Make it a Graduation to Remember

You have witnessed every one of the tear jerking milestones in your daughter’s life, starting with the 1st time she opened her eyes and her first steps, to at the first try she dressed herself and her first report card. There are more memories like these than you could even begin to count, yet somehow there are just never an adequate amount of them, and none tend to be more precious than any other. This year, she’s graduating college so you could not possibly more proud. In case you are like me, and I’m sure that you are, you’ve been taking care of your kids their whole lives, but graduation day is definitely an ultra big day and it deserves to be treated as such. Buy your daughter the perfect gift to catapult her into the world and watch her soar!

Send her where she’s always wanted

We obtain very few practical times inside our lives after it is appropriate for taking an extended trip. Jobs and family school and family all get in the way, however for most youngsters coming out of college today, immediately post graduation is a time of searching. We felt it, although some of us called it ‘figuring it out,’ others folks didn’t name it anything. Traveling, for me, is a hugely important component of life, and I think the world will be better off if more people spent time learning and visiting about new places. So send her away for a few weeks. Traveling is inspiring, it gets the juices flowing, so when she returns, I promise she will provide an increased motivation to hit the earth sprinting consequently making you proud again. Talk to her, find out where she’s always wanted to go, after which blow her mind using a thoughtful gift.


A new car

If your daughter will ever need a new car, it’s at this time. While some are fortunate enough to use the train to work, most of us rely on a car to acquire us from point A to point B. Dazzle your daughter with a new Nissan Altima hybrid. In such a low and tactful impact car, there will be no mere A to B, there will be a respite from stress as well as a love of the highway every time she gets behind the wheel. You can relax knowing that Nissan cars have state of the art security features that come standard, including side mirror warnings in case anyone gets too close. The 2014 fleet of Nissan cars and trucks have so many from which to choose, but whichever you do choose, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that your daughter is as safe as possible. After all, that’s the most important thing. If you’re interested in the Altima or some of the other astounding vehicles, check out or


If a trip or a car isn’t the best thing on her, then imagine something practical and exciting that will help her transition into this exciting and new chapter of her life. Leaving school and looking for a job can be very stressful, so do your best to get something that will assist counter that stress. Congratulations!


These Tips And Tricks Could Save You When Your Car Breaks Down


Are you the owner of a car owner? If so, it’s a certainty that you have had car troubles at some time. It can be very stressful to find a good and honest car service to help you out and it can make you start to feel crazy. The following information will help you find the right decisions.

Ask all the questions about your car when you bring it in for repairs. Preventing issues can save money.

TIP! Get referrals to find a great auto mechanic. Ask co-workers, friends and family for recommendations.

Ask a potential mechanic is he is familiar with working on the exact kind of car you have. If the answer is yes, then they’re probably aware of what kind of work is necessary to fix yours.

Test out your car before paying the auto repair shop.

TIP! Be mindful whether additional repairs recommended are really necessary. They should contact you before doing any extra work.

Make sure you specifically request OEM parts. These means they are parts come from the manufacturer of your car. Generic parts may cost less, but the quality may not be the same as OEM parts. It can appear like a deal right now and cost twice the end to use generic parts even though you save money now.

TIP! Try figuring out the issue prior to going to get repairs. This will save you a great deal of money and protect you against fraud.

A spare tire and a jack are valuable items to have in your trunk. Many new cars already have these. You would hate to be stuck somewhere you don’t know and be forced to spend money on a tow. It is cheaper and easier when you do it yourself.

TIP! Don’t have a bunch of keychains on your keyring, or make sure you can remove your key when you need it. The ignition on your car is not devised to hold all the weight, even when you don’t consider it heavy.

Think about using a mechanic who does repairs in his own garage. If they are experienced and skilled, they can typically do jobs for far less cost. You may save tons of money and provide an independent worker by going down this route.

TIP! Know what all the lights stand for on your dashboard and be aware of when they go off. They are meant to help; use them to your advantage.

Ask for labor rates and prices before giving the keys to a mechanic. Some repair shops display their rates, so make sure you know exactly what they are. You need to know what you’re being billed. Some shops have the repair times established by specific manufacturers. Some “Minor” repairs that are deemed “minor” may be all day according the the estimates of the manufacturer.

TIP! Always remember when you need to have the oil changed in your car. Changing your oil regularly is very important to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Be sure that you make a note of your oil often enough. You should regularly to keep your vehicle runs smoothly. If you don’t change it, your car may not last as long as it could.

TIP! There is a good way to save money if you are willing to take a risk. Instead of taking your car to a repair shop, take it to the local vocational school.

You do not have to have your dealer repair your car. There are great techs everywhere whether there’s a great shop 10 minutes from your house or whether you to chose from. Find someone who is certified and reliable.

TIP! Don’t let a mechanic convince you that an engine flush is a common maintenance procedure. This service is very expensive and it isn’t necessary unless you have neglected engine care for some time.

Keep in mind that it’s not always safe to do some auto repairs can be dangerous. Always have someone around to assist you just in case there is an emergency. Purchase quality tools that you do not have to worry about breaking. This is the case especially true of your tire changing equipment. The jack has to hold the car up without any trouble while you buy needs to support your vehicle well. That’s why it’s best to get a good hydraulic jack that comes with jack stands that are approved.

TIP! Most people don’t look at the manual in regards to their vehicle. It’s important that you understand the specifics of your model.

Given the abundance of dishonest shops, it is often tough to find a good match. It is in your best interest to use these tips when you have an auto repair need. A little legwork on your end can save you a lot of money.

How to Stand Out and Attract Wanted Attention at the Beach

It’s that time of year when all thoughts turn beachy – you need your umbrellas and your coolers along with your designer swimwear, this all goes without saying. But since it goes without saying, everyone’s hip to it. So, how can we do that if we all want to accomplish it, although we all want to be a beach stand out, be the one who will get the attention? It’s an age old and hard dilemma, one that there is no concrete answer. However, there are some ways to being a beach stand out that you would be smart to follow, otherwise you’ll just be another dude or dudette on the beach, wallowing away the hours in obscurity and anonymity. No one wants that! In order to stand out this summer beach season, allow me to share the must-haves!

1. It’s All About the Ride


You may think you can sneak as much as the beach in a beat up old Carolla and slide into the beach spot unnoticed, and once there, setup and be all noteworthy and cool. Wrong. Your beach impression starts the moment you leave the house. You feel Brad Pitt goes to the supermarket in sweatpants thinking no one will notice? Perhaps a bad example, since that’s part of his swagger, but the point is – you can’t roll up inside a terrible car, you need to get to style. And in all probability the best way to do that is in a Jeep, an ordinary attention grabbing vehicle. You have time; head to jeep santa ana and browse the various cars about the lot, or save some time and hit their internet site: End up a beach vehicle and don’t be that loser shoving a surf board into a trunk of a sedan!

2. Tattoos


When you’re at the beach, you gaze around, and almost every buffed out body has a wide collection of tattoos covering it. You have your misunderstood Asian characters, as well as your homage to some lost family member or friend, and even simple decorations going up and around the body and arms. Everybody has that. What you require is to have a tattoo, or series of tattoos, that truly stick out. No one is likely to say and stop “hey man, that’s a really cool bible passage you have on your own forearm,” but they will say “holy smokes, that’s an amazing portrait of Jack White you might have covering your complete back! ” Whether you enjoy Jack White or not is not important, what is important is that you find an issue that truly stands out as something you love and that showcases your unique personality, and broadcast that in kind of tattoo across your body.

3. Games and Fun


One of the best parts about seeing the beach other than the obvious surfing and drinking, is filling some time with amazing and fun beach games. When you accomplish that, not only are you currently having fun yourself with your friends, but who knows whom you will attract who would like to party and play with you. You will not be noticeable, and you will not get the curious single coed over to say hey, should you stick to volleyball or paddleball. So, what you require are games that are from the beaten path, at least with regards to beach life. Bocce is a good one, and may be enjoy many people and it is particularly fun on the sand, where rolling of the ball does not happen like in regular situations. You may also get more adventurous and try to organize human chess, or hilarious group charades – anything to engage the people around you to make new friends.

What We Have Always Wanted With Car Features


Since we currently live in the foreseeable future, there are a few self-driving cars, a couple of cars that store things in the cloud and a few cars that go the extra mile to maintain you comfortable. The problem is that while these features exist, they aren’t standard yet. You must pay extra, sometimes a great deal extra — like buying-a-whole-Bentley extra — to get the coolest of the cool bits. If we all wish with enough concentration, or if we buy enough Bentleys, or wait for these mysterious “economies of scale” people are always talking about to kick in, everyone can have cold air blowing out of their child car seats and onto their fancy pants, but maybe

Toyoto Verso 1.6 D-4D Innovates


Toyota’s updated Verso MPV gains a BMW 1.6-litre diesel engine. We drove it.

When: February 2014

Where: Nice, France

What: 2014 Toyota Verso with new 1.6 D-4D engine

Occasion: International first drive

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Toyota’s Verso is a more desirable product than it ever has been before, with sharper looks as well as a superb new BMW-derived diesel engine. However its lack of both interior space and dynamic sparkle make it just behind the class leaders.

Key Facts

Model tested: Toyota Verso 1.6 D-4D

Pricing: expected to start at about €25,000

Engine: 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine

Transmission: six-speed manual, front-wheel drive

Body style: five-door, seven-seat MPV

Rivals: Ford S-Max, Peugeot 5008, Renault Grand Scenic

CO2 emissions: 119g/km (Band A4, €200 per year)

Combined economy: 62.8mpg (4.5 litres/100km)

Top speed: 185km/h

-100km/h: 12.7 seconds

Power: 112hp at 4,000rpm

Torque: 270Nm at 1,750- to 2,250rpm

Within the Metal: 4/5

Toyota refreshed the Verso last year and features gone from an anonymous box to something with a bit of visual clout. If not very striking, the front end treatment methods are particularly good, while the back is at least neat. As seven-seat MPVs go, it comes across as surprisingly small on first acquaintance, and that is a feeling that carries over inside.

Because the Verso is not really big enough to get a seven-seater. It’s more of a 5 2. The back two seats actually are for only the littlest of children, along with them in position there’s not much of a boot for clobber. The three separately-adjustable seats on the middle row are spacious enough, there’s loads of room in the front where there are clever storage spaces everywhere. In terms of finish and fit, it’s not bad in the Verso either, but you will still find one or two plastics and ergonomics that feel a little behind the days.

Driving it: 3.5/5

The large talking point is the new BMW-derived 1.6-litre turbodiesel engine, which suggests the demise of the old 2. D-4D unit. The brand new 1.6 is 20kg lighter than its predecessor, it’s eight per cent better on fuel at 62.8mpg combined, 10g/km cleaner for CO2 emissions at 119g/km, yet still makes 112hp and 270Nm – comparing favourably enough with the outgoing 2.0’s 309Nm and 124hp. You can expect to check this out engine in all manner of other Toyota products in the months ahead.

Which downsizing is actually the best news for the Verso, as the engine is excellent. It never struggles in this size Toyota and body has reengineered various items – such as the engine mounts, the dual-mass flywheel, its fuel, cooling and intake systems, and even the six-speed manual driveshafts and gearbox too – to ensure the engine is responsive, smooth, quiet and economical. The Japanese carmaker has certainly hit all of its marks.

It has also been designed to rev more, with one engineer telling us it can easily hit 70mph in third gear, making it very simple to join motorways. Putting a 5,000rpm redline on the car was an odd move, considering the engine has no intention of ever getting there, though that’s true up to a point – it’s responsive low down and linear to 4,000rpm peak power. Despite getting a bit throaty if you do extend it, most of the time the 1.6 is admirably hushed and placid throughout, as a big plus.

Will offer little on the mums and dads who enjoy a bit of a back road blast every once in a while, on those rare times when the kids happen to be fobbed off and away to someone else, although elsewhere, the Verso is really a perfectly pleasant enough thing to drive. It’s not that we expect the Verso to become a dynamic firecracker, it’s that other cars in this segment – most notably the Ford S-Max – have better-judged controls. The steering is very, very light and also the brakes have a huge amount of dead travel on top of the pedal before they begin to really bite. And even then, they’re adequate rather than capable. Not very tactile, although the manual gearbox is smooth enough, thanks to Toyota’s tweaks.

However, our driver-related grumbles are countered by the Verso’s ride and composure. It’s an utterly serene operator, limiting tyre roar and wind noise very well at most of the speeds, while the ride is incredibly good – perhaps the real crux in the matter, as well as the characteristic that can endear it to most buyers. It also returned around 48.7mpg on the very taxing mountain and city route that wasn’t in any respect conducive to fuel economy, so a quoted 62.8mpg combined doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Whatever you get for your Money:

We’re going to have to leave this section mostly blank right now, as it’s pure guesswork. We can’t imagine that Toyota will charge more to the 1.6-litre engine than it does to the 2. so the most we expect the newest version to start from is €25,000. It will hopefully be less thanks to lower VRT and we presume it’ll soon end up being the best seller, possibly being offered in Terra, Aura and Luna SkyView trim levels.

Worth Noting

The Verso is surely an entirely Toyota Europe-created machine – it really is engineered, built and designed here. Those European sensibilities reflect the fact this is the MPV’s key market battleground, and what it means is the car is better designed for our tastes than previous offerings from Toyota.


The 1.6-litre engine is a great accessory for the refreshed Toyota it’s and Verso an excellent car, with much more appeal than its predecessor. There’s no glaring reason why you shouldn’t acquire one, given it seems pretty good, includes a high level of refinement at most speeds, must be very reliable and looks being as economical as claimed. It’s even fairly well-equipped and affordable too. It is actually on the small side for a seven-seat MPV and with the sharper-driving S-Max, bigger Citroen C4 Grand Picasso and more stylish Opel Zafira Tourer in its particular pond, the Verso is likely to remain a pragmatic alternative to more desirable machines, since the Toyota just lacks that extra bit of vivacity to set it among the class front-runners. However, the pricing determines where it sits.

Searching for the Right Dealership


Choosing the right dealership is among the most critical decisions you make leading up to buying your new car. Investing as large a sum like a new car costs can be a stressful experience for many people and getting to decide where you should spend that money can be hard. You need to make sure that you are in the most comfortable environment possible when you are looking for a brand new car. You would like to deal with a friendly salesperson, someone who sets you at ease and doesn’t push you toward making a decision or picking a car that you aren’t really enthusiastic about.

There are two ways to search for dealerships: online and the previous fashioned way. Checking out a dealership’s website, like Anaheim’s McPeek’s Dodge at, will show you exactly what is available on their lot. Even before you get there, You’ll have an idea of what to expect and what they have in stock. You may also get to see profiles in their salespeople.


But the better option is definitely to visit a dealership, and it never hurts to shop around and visit multiple dealerships. You’ll become familiar with different salespeople, see how they treat you and find out that you feel most comfortable with and work best with. You want to make use of a salesperson that you feel confident voicing concerns to, aren’t afraid to inform no and are able to clearly express your wishes to, while feeling that they’re attentive and ready to determine what you’re looking for.

After exploring the website, like, and speaking to some salespeople, check out the service area. It’s likely you’ll be bringing your new car back here for maintenance for several years to come so you want to make sure that you’re happy with this region as well.

The Common Misconception With A Roadtrip


The über-cool modified Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG that QNX unveiled at CES is on its inaugural road trip. Well, form of. It’s actually winging its way to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2014.

For people who didn’t have a chance to see it at CES, the car incorporates state-of-the-art voice recognition; navigation from Elektrobit, Here, and Kotei; smartphone connectivity depending on Miracast and so on MirrorLink from RealVNC; advanced multi-media streaming, including iHeartRadio; and a reconfigurable digital instrument cluster, all delivered in a user-centric, multi-modal experience.

For individuals who have seen it, it is still worthwhile finding the time to check it out because this time around it’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S602A Automotive Solution. We announced the relationship with Qualcomm at CES and just more than a month later we’re showcasing the relationship inside the Mercedes. Imagine what we’ll do by Telematics Detroit.

Getting It Safely While Changing Your Tire

A flat tire will not always occur in the most convenient area or under optimum conditions. Every driver ought to know how to safely change a tire. For inexperienced drivers this can be a frightening experience, therefore it is extremely important to know what to accomplish.

When the flat tire happens, the car might pull within an unusual direction or the back end of your car may begin to fishtail. Never slam your foot on the brake pedal, make an effort to move as calmly as you possibly can.

Pull off aside of the road. Move over as far as you possibly can to prevent getting hurt when you exit the vehicle. Usually do not stop the auto until you are away from the traffic. Sometimes this can be tricky, especially if there is no shoulder or if it is a hectic road.

Wear the hazard lights so other drivers will notice you, without delay. Turn off the engine and acquire any passengers out of the vehicle and a safe distance from both the car and any traffic. If you have a safety triangle or flares, put them about 50 ft. behind the vehicle to warn people that there exists trouble ahead.

Once you are in a safe place to change the tire, it is time for you to loosen the bolts. Turn the wrench counterclockwise. The bolts were probably tightened by machine causeing this to be process difficult, but doable, if the tire was originally mounted by way of a garage.

Position the jack under the car to lift it enough to take out the tire. Make sure you placed the jack underneath the metal area of the frame instead of on any plastic parts. This is a common mistake made by novice drivers. You can bend or crack the body of your own car unless you put the jack in the proper location. Make sure the car is stable as it is being lifted. It only has to be high enough to ensure the tire is not touching the floor.

Once the bolts are off, remove the tire and change it with the spare. Tighten the bolts manually and then with the wrench. Carefully, lower the auto back down to the ground.

A lot of cars are not designed with full-sized spare tires, so you will need to go ahead and take car to a garage as a way to either get the flat tire repaired or replaced. A necessary and important skill for all drivers, even though changing a tire is an inconvenience.